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23 Best Shopify Apps to Save Money and Boost Sales.

Over the years Shopify has become an absolute giant in the eCommerce space. There are more than 800,000 stores running on Shopify and according to Datanyze Shopify has a market share of 10.67% of all eCommerce platforms.

Though there are a list of reasons why someone might migrate to Shopify one of the most important is their massive app store. You can find an app for anything from marketing to accounting. That said… within an endless sea of possible apps how do you find the best ones?
Well we tried our best to do the job for you. We have highlighted some of what we think are the must-have Shopify apps.
Let’s get started!

23. Kit

kit shopify app

This is a free app. If you are stuck with marketing an online store or lack enough marketing employees, this is a must-have. It provides you with all the marketing options and tips that you can pursue as the seller. What is even more striking about Kit is its ability to carry out target marketing. It does so by targeting the right audiences for all your ads. In case you have any problems creating and running Facebook and Instagram ads for your online store, worry no more as Kit can do that for you. The kit app is also enabled in a manner that it can retarget people with ads on those products that they once had checked. Economically speaking, kit saves you money as there is no need to hire a marketing expert.

22. Referral Candy

Did you know that one of the most effective means of marketing is by using referrals? When a person who has used your product is referring to another friend, it draws much higher trust. Referral candy will help you by offering your customers incentives to refer your store to their friends. It gives you the option to choose the reward you would like to provide to your customers. If you settle on ReferralCandy, you will get a 30-day trial period within which you cancel the use of the app if you dislike it.

21. Plug in SEO

For any entrepreneur to be successful in e-commerce, one needs to ensure that a customer can find your store through organic searches. Plug in SEO exists to fill in the gap that exists in search engine optimisation of online stores. Its features include the ability to check titles and headings. It can also monitor Meta Descriptions, page performance as well as content structure.

20. Oberlo

oberlo shopify app

This is a must-have for anyone wanting to start a dropshipping business. This app has features that will assist you in finding the correct items, include them to your store, and start a business instantly. Sometimes, companies find it difficult with shipping due to massive delays. With the aid of Oberlo shipping embarks immediately when you confirm a customer’s order. Oberlo also makes all orders very trackable. The app offers a free plan for up to fifty orders monthly.

19. Infinite Options

There is a huge chunk of the market that loves to customise items that they buy. To cater to this market, Infinite Options is the app to go for. There are several options for customisation on each product purchased when using this app. Using easy dropdown menus, checkboxes, and other inputs, customers can personalise products.

18. Happy Email

Customer loyalty is very fundamental in e-commerce. This app helps an entrepreneur come up with custom welcome emails every time a new customer makes purchases. These emails create an unbreakable bond with such a new client.

17. Yopto

Customers visiting your online site will want to know what other previous customers said about your products. Customer reviews are integral in e-commerce as they influence buying decisions. Yopto can assist you in increasing more customer reviews to your site.

16. Prisync

Prisync supports any online store to come up with the best pricing strategy. It gives you competitive pricing intelligence. You can know how your competitors are performing, their pricing strategy, promotions as well as discounts. This app will bring to an end the need to hire staff to gather such vital data for you.

15. Messenger

One of the best free Shopify apps. It assists one to have efficient communication with the customers who are visiting their store. It has a feature which is known as shownow that allows one to buy straight from the messenger. The customer does not need to visit your store to make their orders. It is best applied in Facebook marketing.

14. Mail Bot

Are you tired of doing email marketing on your own? Mail Bot is here for you. It can become your virtual email marketing assistant. That way, it creates you more time to focus on other strategies to increase your sales online.

13. Langify

langify shopify app

This is a Shopify app that will assist your online store in getting that global reach. Since it is a translation app, you can host your store using many languages. It has features that help it detect the language of the person visiting your store and switch automatically to that language. Persons coming to your store are also able to select the language of their preference manually. This app is integral in solving the problem of the language barrier in e-commerce.


Quite often, people visit an online store with no intention of making any purchase but with a wish list. These people may make their purchases later on. provides efficiency in follow up with such persons. It makes the process of sending emails to these people on the products on their wish list much less of a hustle.

11. Bulk Image Edit- Image SEO

No one can underemphasise the significance of images in e-commerce. They are the bedrock of an effective online store. With Bulk Image Edit-Image SEO, you can rest assured that your Shopify products will always be fully optimised. Using this app, you are also able to resize all images to the Shopify standards. It has features that help in compressing images, thus saving the much-needed space.

10. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Though convincing people to buy from your store for the first time can be a hustle, the daunting task is in retaining those clients. This process can become easier by using this app as it aids in adding a loyalty program to your Shopify store. Where there is a loyalty program, customers are prompted to repeat purchase.

9. Digital Downloads

With this app, you will be able to sell digital products in your online store. It allows your customers to get access to content without immediately as well as product updates.

8. Compass

With a lot of things happening within and around any online business, there is a need to analyse these data. The compass app can analyse this data for you. This app can process approximately about 30 e-commerce metrics. With analysed information, you can judge the performance of your business and compare it against that of your competitors. It is also capable of giving you suggestions on how you could make your online store much better.

7. UserGems

Did you know that influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing? For this method to be effective, one must find the best influencers. UserGems helps you to find influencers from among your customers who have an already established audience. The process becomes more comfortable.

6. Give and Grow

One similar trait carried by most of the top e-commerce stores is that of practicing corporate social responsibility. Customers are today falling in love with online stores that have ethics and integrity as their core values. This app provides a platform where you, as well as the customers, can join hands in driving a worthy cause.

5. Tidio Live Chat

tidio shopify app

There is a very high chance for customers buying from those online stores that have live chats. With Tidio Live Chat helps you have these live chat. You can even automate your site to give answers to the common questions asked. Customers are thereby able to get all the information on all the products that they need.

4. Free Shipping Bar

Approximately a third of consumers will only buy products online if there is a provision of free shipping. This app will help you notify your clients that you offer free shipping for your products in a slide-out bar. It will send notifications to customers, encouraging them to meet the threshold you have set to attract free shipping. In case any customer attains this threshold, a free shipping bar can send them some notification messages to congratulate them. This can be a significant motivation to especially those persons importing products in bulk.

3. Product Reviews

This app offers a platform through which customers can give you feedback on your products. By so doing, other customers feel encouraged to buy those products. Also, note that well-published customer reviews can help improve one’s SEO rankings.

2. Order Printer

With this app, the printing of invoices, labels, receipts as well as packing slips for your business will become very easy and faster. As a result, shipping becomes much quicker. This app also makes possible the printing of customisable printing materials.

1. Excelify

excelify shopify app

It is one of the best Shopify apps if you know how to use it. Excelify can perform tasks that can otherwise be done using several apps.

It allows you to avoid incurring too much on many apps. Examples of functions done by this app include migrating between different e-commerce platforms as well as bulk editing.

For instance, if you are contemplating importing products in bulk or updating your product information, Excelify will make all this a walk in the park. The beauty of this app is that you can schedule repeated imports or automatic backups for your store whenever you intend to carry out such processes.

The online business can sometimes turn out to be complex. To maneuver these complexities, a lot of innovation is necessary. The above Shopify apps are examples of such innovations.

Incorporating these apps into your e-commerce business can be a great way to reduce costs and improve conversions.



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